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New Champion Aerospace Manual for Slick Magnetos. Magnetos are not interchangeable and engine must be inspected to. Read Book Slick Start Installation Manual address and added e-mail address to paragraph 0-1.

*When purchasing slick magneto separately gaskets are not included. buy it today and get free shipping! The 6309 Slick Magneto by Champion is an aircraft magneto meant for several models of 6-cylinder aircraft engines. See magneto maintenance and overhaul manuals L-1020, L-1037,. AIRFRAME MODELS AFFECTED: Aircraft utilizing Slick 4200 / 6200 OR 4300 / 6300 series Impulse and Direct Drive magnetos.

. Slick magnetos have applications on nearly all piston engines and are known for the following design features: Smaller and lighter unique design allows for a dimensionally smaller magneto, resulting in easier installation and lighter weight- as much as one pound lighter than competitive magnetos. 6331, 6351, 6355, 6361, 6362, 6364, 6367, 6377, 6379, 6380, 6382, 6399 All aircraft engines utilizing Slick Impulse Coupled magnetos. Matches found Bendix Magnetos S6LN- Bendix S Magnetos Overhauled off Lycoming Bendix Aircraft Magnetos Service repair, overhaul, new, Bendix or Slick-- Quality Aircraft Accessories is the only name you need Not one but, two ADs on the Bendix Magnetos A D effective March 3, and AD effective March 9, The first A D along with Service Bulletin No. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration 800 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DCtell-FAA. Each magneto is identified with a data plate affixed to the side of the magneto frame. If you prefer to have your magneto service, all work is accomplished with genuine OEM parts and to the manufacturers specifications.

00 Warranty: One Year. QAA is the only company authorized by Champion Aerospace for rebuilding the Slick magneto. Under the 63 magneto columns, changed item 11 from “M3801” to M5618”.


magnetos MAGNETO MODELS AFFECTED: • Slick and LASAR™ magnetos with serial numbers beginning with 0409 XXXX through. Slick OEM parts pricing appears to be set so high that a new mag is the best option if more than one installation manual slick magneto 6379 major part needs replacement. Inspect the magneto to confirm the necessary recess/projection (based on individual magneto type) of the stop pin. This Slick Magneto has some key features that differentiate it from other Slick Magnetos:. Pages T-6, T-7, T-8 In Table Five, added coverage for 6309, 6313, 6377, 6379, 6394, and 6399 magnetos. if you want magneto repairs - we magnetos manuals | parts, service, repair and owners manuals magnetos manuals are a must for the diy person, offering part numbers, service and repair information, as well as original owners / operators instructions and specifications. The tab for the wire is oriented slightly different than the Slick version.

4300/6300 Series Magneto Maintenance and Overhaul Manual Slick Start Installation Manual deere free slick magneto manual pdf - ebook market manual slick start installation installation manual slick magneto 6379 instructions | mercury 18 manual manuals - aeronca 1995 repair read online: slick. 6379R KELLY OH SLICK MAG - Aviation Parts Inc. Locate magneto serial number on magneto dataplate. 00 Checkout QUICK REFERENCE 6300 Series Magneto (See Diagram) 1 Cotter Pin 2 Nut 3 Washer 4 Impulse Coupling Assy 5 Oil Seal 6 Pressure Vent Plug 7 Air Vent 8 Frame 9 Gasket Pressure Kit 10 Ball Bearing 11 Rotor 12 Bearing Cap Assy 13 Bearing Cap Clamp 14 Screw. The magneto type ignition system is used on most reciprocating aircraft engines. The magneto is a completely self- contained ignition device.

FAA Form 337 must be submitted upon magneto installation. Slick Magneto Impulse. Remove the three screws that hold on the spark plug wire housing block. 00 Warranty: One Year Rebuilt/Exchange - 5. Browse our selection of Slick magnetos here, or visit our resource page here. T1A9-1, Magneto bleed port RPM sensor.

But it fits fine and works well. Champion Aerospace LLC 1230 Old Norris Road Liberty, South Carolina, U. Magnetos have been around since the early 1900s and have been refined for the last 100 years to give us the reliability we have come to. Magneto Maintenance and Overhaul Manual Technical Aspects FAA APPROVED SCOPE This Maintenance and Overhaul Manual provides Detailed maintenance, assembly, disassembly and Troubleshooting instructions and technical Information about the design and operation of Slick Magnetos. This includes Slick magnetos overhauled by third parties. Under the 6365 magneto column, changed item 11 from “M3499” to M5617”. Readmore.

Slick Magnetos are specified as OEM equipment by aircraft engine manufacturers and carry all FAA/PMA approvals from the Federal Aviation Administration. Previously, the Slick. Our magneto overhaul and repair services include fast turnarounds and available exchange units to keep your downtime to a minimum.

Determine if the installed magneto is an (I/C) magneto by comparing the model number on the magneto dataplate (Figure 1). These model magnetos are completely rebuild-able. SC magnetos are fully interchangeable with S-20 and S-200 magnetos previously supplied.

Install the new respective magneto gasket on the flange of the magneto, follow Step 9a or Step 9b, depending on the make of the magneto. Does the OEM parts for a magneto work? If the stop pin installation depth is not in compliance with the dimension shown in Figures 1 through 6, the magneto. The jacketed shielded 6. · The magneto parts are cleaned and polished as needed. The 500 hour impulse coupling inspection is to be performed each time the magneto accumulates 500 hours of operation from the time of the last inspection or since new or factory rebuilt. All SC magnetos listed are FAA-PMA approved. The remaining gasket, P/N 62224 is for Teledyne Bendix magnetos.

First, remove the white plastic distributor cover and save the screws. Using your magneto timing pin or a 3/32" pop rivet, inset it into the hole marked "R". The unit comes with an Instruction sheet. 6364 Slick Magneto.

service parts list for. If magneto serial number is determined to be within the range specified in this bulletin, remove the magneto from engine in accordance with the latest revision of the engine manufacturer’s manual(s). This TSO’d HALL Effect RPM sensor (0-3500RPM) for Slick Magnetos is vented allowing use with pressurized magnetos. Slick has you buy this kit for the 500 hour inspection and the part that fails most often is not even included in the kit, The K-3008 Distributor Gear is missing from the kit, the finger on this gear is almost always loose.

Dave will show you how a magneto works, how to test one, how the magnetizer works and will show you in detail how to build one. SLICK MAGNETO PARTS - 6300 SERIES MAGNETO Home Shopping cart 0 Products in cart Total [FULLTEXT]. All Slick magnetos that were manufactured in the last 25 years use a small pin that is inserted through the distributor block and through a corresponding hole in the distributor gear. What is a magneto ignition system? . Drive gears are not included. The magneto parts are inspected by visual and non-destructive testing, and must meet the criteria established in the Bendix and Slick Maintenance and Overhaul manuals. Also note that engines with a single impulse coupled magneto (example: Type S4LSC-21,.

the magneto from engine in accordance with the latest revision of the engine manufacturer’s manual(s). L-1363G manual provides many updates to the previous manual but there are three important updates for the service of Slick Magnetos. Each accessory we overhaul or repair is tested by our FAA approved facility to maintain our high quality commitments. The 6399 Slick Magneto by Champion is an aircraft magneto meant for several models of 6-cylinder aircraft engines. 6200, 63 series impulsed coupled magnetos, except where noted. The P/N LW ­12681 gasket is for Champion Slick magnetos. 6399 Slick Magneto.

6379 used with TCM magneto drive assembly of part numbers 531180, 531175. 6377 used with TCM magneto drive assembly of part numbers 35207. Build a Magneto Magnetizer, Gingery, David J, ISBN Build a Magneto Magnetizer Many people collect and restore old engines and in the process discover that the old iron magnets in the magneto. CAUTION: ELECTRONIC TACHOMETERS UTILIZING A MAGNETO installation manual slick magneto 6379 PICKUP ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SlickSTART™. On the magneto housing block you will notice two raised letters, L for left and R for right.

The Slick 4316 Magneto is very easy to time. Quality Aircraft Accessories is a Slick distributor and stocks new magnetos for sale, but also has the capabilities to overhaul and repair customer units economically. Magneto frames and housings are not repainted but can be repainted if the magneto is upgraded to an overhaul. Basic Steps to install a Slick Magneto. CAUTION: INSTALLATION OF Slick START™ PART NUMBER SS1001 WITH BENDIX/TCM MAGNETOS MAY RESULT IN MAGNETO DAMAGE AND ENGINE STOPPAGE.

Aircraft Spruce supplies components for a wide variety of homebuilt aircraft and discount pilot supplies. Easy to maintain- Slick magnetos use up to 50% fewer parts than the competitive aircraft magnetos. Pairing an SC magneto with one of the old type magnetos on an engine installation is permissible. Acceptable Continental Motor&39;s Bendix core magnetos are: Bendix 20, 2 series Magnetos. Slick magnetos are a brand of aircraft magneto manufactured by Champion Aerospace.

Magnetos are engine-driven self-contained units that supply electrical current without using an external source of current. Radio noise suppression- Slick magnetos feature superior noise suppression, eliminating the need for magneto filters. For customers converting away from the Bendix dual mag to two individual mag systems, Champion will accept the D & D3000 dual magnetos for core credit against the purchase of a new Slick. If an I/C magneto, remove from the engine. Champion Aerospace to maintain high standards in their products has released a new updated manual for Slick Magneto by Champion. In addition, 70% of the parts in any Slick magneto are interchangeable with the comparable parts in other current production. Inspect the magneto to confirm the necessary recess/projection (based on.

addition, Slick STARTTM may be installed in experimental aircraft in accordance with this manual. Glad to have PMA options to keep Slicks going. A17 Approved STC SE295CH (see Slick Service Letter SL3-94). Most other Magnetos may be returned for core credit. What is a slick Magneto? Model Number Figure 1.

AFFECTED: Engines utilizing Slick 4200 / 6200 OR 4300 / 6300 series Impulse and Direct Drive magnetos. Condition: New/Exchange - 45. The first update installation manual slick magneto 6379 that is important to Slick users is the time before overhaul of the magnetos has changed.

Installation manual slick magneto 6379

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